• Home Track Meet. 4:00pm Fri, April 19

  • Home Girls Softball Game vs Meridian. 4:00pm Mon, April 22

  • Home Girls Tennis Match vs Squalicum. 3:45pm Mon, April 22

  • Home Boys Baseball Game vs Bellingham. 4:00pm Fri, April 19.

2018-2019 Staff

Jamie Kness


Favorite thing about the class: Writing articles and interviewing people is the best part, mainly because I got to write two controversial pieces. Why she takes this class: Wants to pursue a career in Journalism. Normal day in class includes: Writing articles, interviewing students or staff, and filming for the morning show.

James Woods


Normal day in class involves: typing and editing articles mostly. Why he takes Multi-Media Journalism: did this sort of thing last year in 8th grade for the 'Monday Morning Show' at Edison. Other: loves working on the Spring Sports articles because I got to interview people the I didn't know that well.

Joey Cisneros

On Air Personality, Videographer, Editor, Morning Show Producer

A normal day in class involves: Filming videos, editing videos, running the morning show tri-caster or being on the morning show. Why he takes this class: like Multi-Media Journalism 1. Time spent in Multi-Media Journalism: 2 years.

Brayden Konkle

Video Editor, Filmer and Producer

Favorite thing about Multi-Media Journalism: Being able to create videos that I want to create. Why he takes this class: it looked fun and making videos is something I'm interested in. Favorite Video: Busted Bracket Video.

Sailor Rozema

Video Producer/Director

What she does on a normal day: Film or edit videos. Something interesting about Sailor: Works as a wedding videographer on the side. Favorite Videos: The How Hard Can It Be? series, the Homecoming series and Chickenfest videos.  

Joliannys Rodriguez


Why they took this class: Its really fun and I like capturing things on video that helps benefit others and also good memories. Favorite thing about Multi-Media Journalism: Freedom to create whatever's in you thoughts. A normal day in class involves: Brainstorming and editing.

Joanne Nuetzel

Video Producer

Favorite thing about Multi-Media Journalism: Working on random videos with my cousin Laney McCulloch. Why she takes this class: For the credit/control of my work (Filming is like my own project instead of being assigned something like essays.) Something interesting about her: has a graphic novel series in development.  ...

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