• School ends June 21. 5 more days left of school!

2018-2019 Staff

Jamie Kness


On a normal day in class Jamie is writing articles, interviewing students or staff and filming videos for the morning show. The best part of Multi-Media Journalism for Jamie is being able to write articles and interview people. She is also glad that she got to write two controversial pieces this year. She takes this class because she wants to pursue a career in journalism.

James Woods


A normal day in class for James involves typing and editing articles. He worked with the Edison 'Monday Morning Show' last year in 8th grade which is why he is taking this class now. He loves working on the Spring Sports articles because he gets to interview people he doesn't know very well.

Joey Cisneros

On Air Personality, Videographer, Editor, Morning Show Producer

A normal day in class for Joey involves lots of things. Filming videos, running the morning show tri-caster or being on the morning show. He has been in Multi-Media Journalism for two years and loves being able to create what he wants in this class.

Brayden Konkle

Video Editor, Filmer and Producer

Braydens favorite thing about Multi-Media Journalism is being able to create the videos he wants. He takes this class because it looked like fun and making videos is something he's interested in. His favorite video is the Busted Bracket Video.

Sailor Rozema

Video Producer/Director

On a normal day in class Sailor films or edits videos. Her favorite videos created in this class are The How Hard Can It Be? series, the Homecoming series and Chickenfest videos. An interesting fact about Sailor is that she works as a wedding videographer on the side.  

Joliannys Rodriguez


Joliannys takes Multi-Media Journalism because it is really fun and she likes capturing things on videos that benefit others and of course the good memories you get for being in the class. She loves the freedom of being to create whatevers in her thoughts. A normal day in class for her involves brainstorming videos and editing.

Joanne Nuetzel

Video Producer

Joanne's favorite thing about Multi-Media Journalism is working on random videos with her cousin Laney. She takes this class for the credit and the control of her work. "Filming is like my own project instead of being assigned some thing like essays". and a interesting fact about Joanne is that she has a graphic novel series in development.  

Katelyn Van Zanten

Website Manager

On a normal day in class Katelyn updates the sports stuff on the Blue & Gold Times and tweaks things on it that need to be tweaked. She takes this class because last year she was on the Edison Elementary Morning Show and wanted to be apart of the high schools even though in high school she writes the occasional article and works with the website.

Alyssa Kusluch

Senior Video

On a normal day in class Alyssa works on the Senior Video. She takes this class for the double credits she gets. She has been in Multi-Media Journalism for 3 years now and likes any article or video that Brayden makes. "Go Cougs!"

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