• Girls Basketball made it to regionals. Playing agianst Renton. Date and time TBD

  • Boys Basketball made it to regionals. Will be playing agianst Pullman. Date and time TBD

  • Track and Field Starts Mon, Feb 25

The Truth of Being Dress Coded

Jamie Kness, Journalist

February 7, 2019

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Dress coding is a fairly vexed topic that both students and staff can find themselves questioning when faced with the topic.   To some students at Burlington-Edison who have a brush with dress coding, their first impression might be th...

Cool? Or Just a Bad Habit

Cool? Or Just a Bad Habit

December 17, 2018

Why You Should Join Chior

Joey Cisneros '19 and Logan Wright '20

December 17, 2018

Filed under News

Choir at Burlington-Edison High School has grown in the last four years under the direction of Ms. Hannah Miles. The number of students involved in choir has more than tripled and support for the program continues to grow. ...

Schools Around the World #1: Germany

James Woods '22, Journalist

December 13, 2018

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Recently, a group of students who are now in eighth, ninth, and tenth grade went to Germany on an exchange program, (including me) and we all got to experience the German and Swabian way of life, and it was quite different to life ...

Reasonable Restrictions And Virtual Imprisonment

Cooper Delestrez, Journalist

May 10, 2018

Filed under News, Politics

Many students have had problems with the schools WiFi in the past and still have some today. One of the reasons why might be because of how many websites are restricted, however, there is a very important reason to why this is. In...

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