Traditions and Superstitions

Peyton Wright, Design Editor

November 13, 2017

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The sports teams at Burlington-Edison High School have very special traditions. They range from getting ready together before the game to picking grass off the field, but they all share one thing in common. Afton Field, ‘18,...

B-E North

Shaylen Anderson, ‘20, Sports Writer

June 5, 2017

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  B-E North, Burlington's other high school for students who want to go at their own pace, has been an option for 14 years. Right now there are fifty students, all of them running on the same block schedule as the high...

Resources for high school students in need, the Community Closet

April 28, 2017

10,000 people rallied in support Women’s Rights in Bellingham

Aydan Garland-Miner, Editor in Chief

April 24, 2017

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On January 21 approximately five million people all over the world marched in support of women's rights and equality. There were 673 marches in the United States and a variety of other countries including India, Argentina, Sau...

Mr. Beazizo, Past, Present, and Future

Shaylen Anderson, Sports Reporter/Writer

March 22, 2017

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Mr.Beazizo, the former athletics director and principal  of Concrete High School, jumped at the opportunity to become B-EHS’s new athletics director. “Get to work at 6:30, schedule events, workers, transportation, adjustments...

Feeding children in need, Backpack Drive!

Aydan Miner, Editor

February 8, 2017

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Every Friday at 2:30 a few dozen Burlington-Edison high school students travel to West View Elementary to fill backpacks full of food. The project is known as the “Backpack Drive,” and was begun a year ago. It started at A...

A Teachers Story: Mr. Kinney

Adrian Lauridsen '17, A&E Reporter/Writer

February 3, 2017

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Roger Kinney was born in Spokane, Washington in July 1955. He spent most of his free time on his grandparent’s dairy farm until 4th grade when he moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon. He later attended Lakeridge High School and was i...

Adjusting to High School 101

Aydan Miner, Editor

December 13, 2016

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Freshman year can be quite the adjustment period even If you know what to expect. I have heard that many students are nervous to begin high school, and I can sympathize. Change is scary, especially in a new environment.   Man...

What is to Come For This Year’s Signing Grams?

Chloe Delestrez, Features Editor

December 10, 2016

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For the last six years at Burlington-Edison, our ASL classes have sold Signing Grams the week before winter break. For those who do not know, Signing Grams are Christmas songs signed in American Sign Language (ASL). These song...

Creepy Clowns in Skagit Valley

Chloe Delestrez and Jennifer Ramirez

November 17, 2016

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A resident of Skagit County has reported seeing a “creepy clown” at The Skagit River Park Playfields, near Lucille Umbarger Elementary School. Although the exact day the sighting occurred isn’t known, it was in late September...

New Year! New Teacher!

Alyssa Cook, Features Report/ Writer

November 17, 2016

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Every new school year comes with new teachers. This year one of the new teachers is Ms. Lisa Sosa. She is the new family consumer science teacher, taking Ms. Jean Scribner’s old classroom. All students at Burlington-Edison were sad t...

Smith’s Fifth Book Is Different Than Any Other He’s Written!

Chloe Delestrez, Features Writer/Reporter

November 4, 2016

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Burlington-Edison High School English teacher, Clete Smith, is preparing for the release of his new book, Mr. 60%. The story follows a high school drug dealer, Matt Noland. Matt uses the money from his business to take care of his ...

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