B-EHS students who cracked their phones

Students who have dropped their phones and was rewarded with a crack

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B-EHS students who cracked their phones

Logan Wright, Journalist

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Phones have very much developed over time. Some have become waterproof, some take amazing pictures and some say they are indestructible. Here at Burlington-Edison High School there are students who realized that their phones weren’t so indestructible.


Braden Pinneke, ‘18, has the unfortunate pleasure to share his story of his cracked phone. “I dropped my phone maybe once every couple of days, sometimes on my head when laying in bed and sometimes outside,” Pinneke said. “It wouldn’t crack or break but it would have scratches.” But all of Pinneke’s luck ran out one day when he was playing basketball at LU Elementary with some of his pals.


“I was on my phone and one of my friends threw the basketball right at me, my phone got hit and fell to the ground. It was completely shattered.”


Another student, who has had a the unfortunate ability to talk about their cracked phone is Wyatt Walker ‘20. His story of his cracked phone goes back when he was at home with his family. His brother and him were hanging out at home and after a while of playing and messing around. Walker had an iPhone 6 at the time and dropped his phone about a total of 100 times.


“I cracked my phone by dropping it own a set of stairs” Walker said., “I was super mad at my brother for knocking it out of my hands.”


Since then Wyatt has gotten a new phone and has been very good at keeping his phone in good condition.


FInally, a student at Burlington-Edison High school who cracked their phone was Jackson Reisner ‘20. Reisner said, “I had an iPhone 6 at the time and I dropped it all the time. It was wearing an otterbox case and I thought it was indestructible. It wasn’t.” The drop that did the final blow to his phone was one he will never forget. He was playing a game and he got a little too excited, he dropped it and landed face down.


Reisner said, “I stood over my phone, hoping that it wasn’t cracked and stayed there for about a minute. But then when I flipped it and the phone was cracked I was so mad.” But that incident wasn’t the only one that Jackson had with his phone. There was a time that he jumped in a pool with his phone in his pocket. Reisner said, “I did a few cannon balls not knowing that my phone was in my pocket. I asked my mom to take a video of me, she asked me where my phone was, and I reached down in my pocket and there it was. I was so upset.”