Finishing A Great Season

The end of a excellent season for girls wrestling and the improvements they made

Jamie Kness, Journalist

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The end of February brings the end of winter sports, including girls wrestling. The Burlington-Edison’s girls wrestling team saw great improvement from the previous seasons.  


Windy Lovejoy, the head coach of the girls wrestling team, has described the energy of the mat room to be this season and how it has changed from the previous years she’s seen.


“It’s a lot more serious this year,” Lovejoy said. “Everyone wanted to win and do better than how they did before.”


This seemed to be the reason behind the improvement in the teams performance this year.


The girls team had a promising start and a grand finish this year. The team had found themselves placing top three at two tournaments. The Everett tournament they were second, Sub Regionals they were first, and at Regional where they took second. At state they had six participating girls wrestlers. Stephanie Becerra, Anna Ayala, Esmeralda Dominguez, Jamie Kness, and Emma Fleury.  This year was the year a girl placed in state breaking the participation only streak and paving the way for future wrestlers.


After many interviews with the wrestlers, most described their hard work as a positive experience for them, but some challenges were present. Esme Dominguez, a wrestler of 5 was, “On an emotional roller coaster.” She had placed 2nd at Sub Regionals but two days before Regionals complications came up with SVC and was told she would be unable to wrestle, but last minute she was eligible.


“I placed fourth at Subs and made it to State.” When asked about the overall feeling of post season in wrestling Esme replied, “The whole tone of the room changes. There’s a lot more stress and encouragement coming from everyone.”


Esme has gone to state three seasons and is excited for what her next and last season has in store, happy with her achievements and with a new drive to better herself, Esme plans to attend Vandit wrestling and also to go to summer wrestling camps to get ready for her last year.


The freshmen that had joined this year had been more than promising. Freshmen Emma Fleury’s season was her first year in wrestling, she started because of support from family, and some friends as well.


“My brothers said I would be good at it and Angelica Rodriguez told me I was going to do it.”

Later Emma would find herself standing on 8th place inside the Tacoma Dome at state wrestling. When asked about how she felt about her season Emma stated, “I felt like I did great! I placed 2nd at Subs and busted my butt all week during practice and then at Regionals I placed 2nd there too! At state I feel like I could have done better but overall I placed 8th.”


While amazing herself and her team, Emma has set the bar high for herself next year and set an excellent example of an athlete for others to follow.


Seeking a point of view from a senior, lead to Stephanie Becerra being interviewed. She has wrestled since seventh grade making this season her sixth and final year. When asked to give details about what wrestling practice is like she said,


“Practice sometimes vary throughout the season but usually, we start with warm ups and stretching then start wrestling drills…I would say this year was the one where we had the most intense practices.”


When asked how she felt about her performance this season Stephanie replied,


“I did as good as I did last season, I had a lot of matches I felt really good about. I placed second at Subs and 4th at Regionals qualifying me for state. I was happy I got to participate at state my senior year…Even though I didn’t place my goal was to make my family proud and I did.”


This year the girls wrestling team had set a high bar for themselves and improved greatly, feeling happy with their improvement but not stratified many attend a spring sport and make plans for summer camps to attend to stay in shape. With new goals in mind and greater ambition our B-E wrestlers ready themselves to give us an even better season next year.