Crocs are back

How an aged show style has made its way back to B-EHS

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Crocs are back

Jaiden Sanders, Journalist

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The once fashionable colored Croc has made its way back into style and into the hearts of the young students at Burlington-Edison High School. Many A-list celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Adam Sandler, and John Cena have been seen walking the streets in colored Crocs, anything between blue to brown to red cat print. How can this be?

Many Youtube celebrities have adopted the Croc lifestyle as well. Comedian Christine Sydelko is an up and coming Youtuber and former Vine star who has made a large impression to Millennials everywhere. Her videos vary from Merry Christmas Vines to getting proposed to in Taco Bell with a ring pop. No wonder so many teenagers find her funny. One could say she’s the new and improved Daniel Tosh of social media but with Crocs.

Christine casually wears Crocs almost every day. In fact, she recently tweeted about getting a Croc tattoo and how the company recognized this by sending her five new pairs of Crocs. She is an obvious activist in Croc fashion, so it would be fair to say that many of the impressionable teens who have watched her daily, began to adopt the fashion too.

“I like them!” says Peyton Wright, 18’, of the Blue & Gold Times Publishing Staff. “I think that they are fun. I like walking into their stores and looking at their wall of colored Crocs!”

Blake Donnelly, 18’, one of the Blue & Gold Times writing staff says how his black Crocs got destroyed, but would “wear them again. They’re easy and just slip on when you gotta do stuff.”

This is all good and fun. These shoes with all of their colors could appear cute to the certain eye, and the fact that they are so comfy could be a very nice plus. Some could even pull them off in an ironic way, like a fun house clown stomping it’s way through Skagit Valley. I’m sure this shoewear would be more acceptable in a place like Arizona or Florida, but what about the Pacific Northwest weather?

When the weather doesn’t resemble that of a puny tropical storm, it’s either snowing in the spring or hot during the winter. Crocs are not the most reliable footwear for such bipolar weather. They’re made of croslite, a mere foam based material built specifically for comfort, not for the up most protection. Crocs expose the toes and various areas of the top of the foot, so if you still stand by this unique fashion sense, make sure to avoid any puddles in your way. Our region lacks the heat as well, so make sure you wear socks along with it. For most of the year, the temperature never drops below the mid 20’s so hypothermia and frostbite aren’t part of the question, but I’m sure comfy rubber shoes aren’t worth your toes being uncomfortably cold.

Cameron Orsted, class of ‘18, asked me “are you a fan of Crocs?” after looking over this current article. In all honesty, I hold no judgment against a Croc wearer. When you see someone walking down the street in those colored comfy shoes, think not of how ugly they may be. Think of the feet inside them, and what kind of person they are to be out wearing those shoes. That person is someone who must favor comfortability and care less about what others might think. They value a person’s self care and well being. At the end of the day, that type of character is someone you should deeply admire, no matter how awful they look.