Epic Games’ new growing Fortnite, at B-EHS

Students opinion of the popular game of Fortnite

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Epic Games’ new growing Fortnite, at B-EHS

Connor Nelson, Logan Wright, Braden Pinneke, Journalists

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The game that everyone has been talking about, Fortnite Battle Royal, is a new game that Epic Games launched on July 25, 2017. The game has grown so much that in the month of December alone, the game got 30 million downloads. That, added to the past downloads puts this game at a grand total of 45 million downloads.

The game has two options: “Save the word” and “Battle Royal” mode. The “Save the world” mode is the solo mode where you, like the title says, save the world. But the more famous game mode is the “Battle Royal” mode. Fortnite is a third person, shooter based game and in battle royale mode, you drop into a map with 100 other players. The goal is to survive for as long as you can at any means necessary and to hopefully be the last player standing. This game is available on Xbox one, PS4, and desktop computer.

The world has many fortnite players, but here at Burlington-Edison High School has a lot as well. One of many at B-E is Brian McGovern, ‘19. Brian loves the game so much that he plays on average 22 hours hours a week on the game.

McGovern said, “Getting my first solo Victory Royal was probably one of my top 5 moments in my life.”

McGovern’s main squad that he plays with is very important to him because he spends a lot of time with this group of guys, consisting of him, Cobe Clement  ‘19, Matt Maskell ‘19, and Taino Ferdinand ‘19.

McGovern said, “Winning give my friends and i an intimate bond, we usually get angry every game but winning heals the wounds”

“The only thing that the game needs to be so much better is to add is a legendary Backpack that allows you to add another slot in your inventory.”

Probably the most talented Fortnite player in all of Burlington is Matt Maskell, ‘19, he plays around twenty five to twenty six hours a week. Matt’s main squad that he plays with consists of Cobe Clement ’19, Isaac Lindsay ‘19, Cayden Annema ‘19 and himself. But on the weekend, when he plays most of the time, the team consists of Cobe Clement ‘19, Brian McGovern ‘19, Taino Ferdinand ’19 and himself.

Maskell said, “Winning a victory Royal can vary for me. If the gameplay was super easy and there wasn’t any trouble getting the win, than I wouldn’t be super excited. But if the gameplay was hard and the ending was thrilling than I would be way more excited and the adrenaline would be pumping so hard.”

Fortnite can be the best of times but it can also be the worst of times. Maskell said, “If we win, it’s like we’re brothers. But if we lose, everyone acts like strangers.”

Maskell said, “The only thing that should be added to the game is more game modes, and to keep the game modes there to play whenever you want.”

The school of Burlington Edison is filled with lots of fortnite players, one being Taino Ferdinand. Taino loves the game and he plays on the PS4 console.

Ferdinand, ‘19 said, “Getting a victory royal depended on the game, I feel accomplished when I get easy dubs against the really bad players. But when I play and win against some really hard competition I feel more satisfied with myself.”

Ferdinand’s main squad that he plays with, mostly consists of fortnite finatics like himself, those being, Matt ‘19, Cobe ‘19, and Brian ‘19.

Ferdinand said, “The only thing the game needs is to have new game modes where you can just play with your friends so you can see who is the best out of all of you.”

Alex Thurmond, ‘20 said, “winning a victory royal is life changing, I get super excited and jump around.”

Thurmond plays about five hours of fortnite a week and plays on the Xbox one console. Thurmond said,”I think that the game needs only one thing to make it better and that is if the Xbox people could play with the PS4 people. Then we would have a great game.”  

“When I play with my squad; Me, Logan ‘20, Tyler ‘18 and Jackson ‘20, I think we build a better bond because when one of us goes down the storm revive is huge.”

Lastly here is a Fortnite fanatic Joey Cisneros. He plays constantly and wins more than he loses.  Cisneros, ‘19 said, “winning a victory royal gets me in the heart especially when I’m playing squads and my team dies right in the beginning and then I carry the team all the way to the win.”

Having a good squad really impacts on whether you win or you lose, that’s why Joey chooses wisely.  Cisneros said, “ I really haven’t played a whole lot lately but when I did I would play maybe nine to ten hours a week, most of that would be on the weekend. And I play with a lot of different people but my main squad is Cayden ‘19, Jaedyn ‘19, and Braden ‘18, we all play on PS4.”

Cisneros said, “The only thing that would make fortnite better would be to first make it cross platform, and second would be to fix the shot gun glitch where it only gives you 8 damage for a headshot.”