Spring Athlete Preview

Insight on Athletes

Joey Cinsneros, Journalist

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Student athletes here at B-EHS were asked about the spring sports they play and how they feel about the new season starting, as well as how they got started playing the sport.


Tyler Henry, senior, has been a varsity baseball player for three years. Going into the season, he feels like he will do well because he has put in work in the off season. He also expects the team to do well and thinks they will make it to the state level this year. The team he looks forward to playing the most is Anacortes, they are one of the better teams in the conference but he feels like they have a chance to win against them this year. For good luck, he wears flip-flops and tries to get in the zone on his game days.


“It appealed to me. I liked the idea of it, and I’ve just stuck with it ever since.” says Henry on how he got started playing baseball.


Nate Altenhofen, Josh Altenhofen, and Andrew Hansen are all Seniors as well as varsity golf players. All three of them were brought into the sport by their family.The Altenhofens just got done with their basketball season, so they think with a little bit of practice they’ll be ready to do good in the Golf season. Hansen says that he has been waiting for the season to start, he is excited to get out there and start practicing, as long as the weather is nice. They would all like to do well in districts, possibly make it past districts, and get another academic state champion title for the team. To get in the zone before a match they listen to a “Grooving Playlist,” according to Hansen.


Ashleigh Mason and Sadie Brink are both juniors and have both been varsity golfers since their freshman year. Last year the team won first in the conference, so they expect to do well this year. Bellingham often poses a challenge for them but they look forward to playing them this year. There is good chemistry within the team though, before games they go to Starbucks as a team and for good luck they put Tees in their hair.


“We don’t have any seniors this year so our junior players kind of have to step up and be the big kids” Mason said about going into this season, an example of the maturity our athletes show.


Junior Hernan Moreno and senior Francisco “Sheen” Rodrigues are both varsity soccer players. Both have been playing since they were young. They feel like this year will be a good year and that they have a good team overall. They hope to make it to state. Moreno looks forward to playing Anacortes, but he thinks Anacortes will try even harder to beat Burlington this year, after being defeated last year. Rodriguez looks forward to the game against Mount Vernon, which is a classic rivalry. Before games they go to the coaches classroom and “pump music as loud as [they] can get it” according to Moreno.


Katelyn Duvall is a sophomore. This will be her second year playing varsity softball. She started playing in little league when she was very young and has continued playing until now. Going into this season, she feels like the team will do well. There are promising freshman players, she says. She looks forward to playing against the Bellingham teams because she knows people who play there, she thinks it’s always fun to play against friends. Before the game starts, the team will huddle up and get everyone pumped and ready to win.


Junior, Claire Pickering, is a varsity tennis player. She hasn’t been playing long, but she does well. She just decided to play one year and has stuck with it ever since. She feels like this will be a fun season because there are a lot of new people. Pickering is looking forward to playing Bellingham because they will provide a challenging match. The team doesn’t do much before matches to get pumped up but they do have pep talks that get everyone ready for it.


“Even though we’re in a pretty difficult conference, I think our  team will do pretty good” Pickering said, this is a good example of tiger fighting spirit.


Amy Rabenstein and Mitchell Wesen are both seniors who are doing track and field. Their events are high jump and triple jump for Rabenstein, and high jump and Hurdles for Wesen. Rabenstein got into track because people in her family have done it and been good at it. Wesen started doing all-comer meets when he was young and continued in middle school and high school. Both have a chance of going to state this year for one of their events. Both of them are making the adjustment to being seniors in track and being role models for underclassmen in the sport. Before meets they listen to music and sleep on the bus to get prepared for it.


With games, meets, and matches starting here very soon, everyone is excited to get them underway. As long as the weather is cooperative.