The Hardest Year of High School

Seniors' Opinions on the Hardest Year of High School

Connor Nelson, Journalist

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High school can be very tough for teenagers to balancing classes, homework, clubs, colleges, etc. But what year of high school is really the hardest? I interviewed 20 seniors to find out their opinions.

To make things as accurate as possible, I interviewed only seniors; ten men and ten woman.
I came to the conclusion that the majority of the students thought junior year was the most difficult (11 out of 20), freshman year coming in second (4 out of 20), senior year third (3 out of 20), and sophomore year last (2 out of 20).

It is clear that junior year is thought of as the toughest year at B-EHS because over 50 percent of the 20 students chose it. A recurring trend I noticed was that junior year is the year where you take the hardest classes like AP classes, therefore having to spend more time on school, making it harder to balance all of your other activities like clubs, sports, etc. Peyton Wright chose senior year because it was “when I had my hardest classes. Also having to take the SAT and I was also stressed about trying to narrow down colleges.” Another reason I saw junior year being tough was the idea of starting to think about colleges and taking the SAT. “Junior year you take the full workload of classes with not too many elective classes. Junior year was also my first year of taking A.P. classes making it more difficult” Nate Altenhofen said.

This leaves Senior, Sophomore, and Freshman year. Not too many students chose these years as their hardest and there were all with in one vote of each other. I notice this is because the question I asked was very opinionated. Most students who chose one of these years had a very specific opinion on why. The students who chose freshmen year took the social approach to it instead of the academic. Blake Donnelly said transitioning from elementary to high school is a major change just in the way the school runs. You’re at the bottom of the food chain, cant drive, and you are not as developed as an upperclassmen.” Most students who chose senior year was because of preparing for college. Alyssa Cook said “its hard keeping up with school, college apps and scholarships”. Sophomore year was only chose twice just over opinion and the classes they took each year. The question i asked was very opinionated but a large percentage of the students i interviewed chose junior year.