• Girls Bowling Game at Mt Baker Lanes vs Ferndale. 3:15 Tue, Jan 22

  • End of Semester January 25!

  • Home Girls Basketball Game vs Sehome. Tue 7:15, Jan 22.

  • Home Boys Basketball Game vs Anacortes. 7:15 Thru, Jan 29

  • Home Girls Basketball Game vs Sedro-Woolley. 6:00 Fri, Jan 18

  • Home Boys Basketball Game vs Sedro-Woolley. 7:30 Fri, Jan 18. CHICKENFEST!!

Tiger Games

A Homecoming Tradition

Peyton Wright, Design Editor

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The Tiger Games is a yearly tradition where classes compete against one another in a series of activities and games. The games usually consist of pumpkin up and over, egg toss, scooter relay, pumpkin head relay, three legged race, trivia, and many more.

This year during the scooter relay, they added a fun addition by using hoverboards. People enjoyed watching the teachers attempt to ride the hoverboards without falling off. A lot of people attended the games this year, including our ASB President for this school year, Bowen King, ‘18.

“The Tiger Games have been a tradition for as long as I can remember,” King said. “It’s so much fun to see every class split up and cheer on their peers. Not only does it bring our school together, it brings our community together.”

“This year, the police department was excited to participate and compete with us. Tiger Games will always be one of my more fond memories from high school,” King said.

Another student, Joshua Sullivan, ‘18 attended the the Tiger Games.

“This year we added hoverboards and it was excellent. Let me tell you, no one was bored. A lot of kids worked really hard to prepare for the games and it really payed off big time,” Sullivan said.

This is Sullivan’s first year in leadership. He knew from his first day of class that he wanted to be involved in the games. He played a very special role in the homecoming

“I got to host the trivia this year and it made my dreams of being a game show host come true. I love the Tiger Games. They mean the world to me because I love games, but even more, I love the tigers. Go big blue,” Sullivan said.

The Tiger Games is a great homecoming tradition that everyone should get involved in. If you don’t see yourself participating in the games,cheering on your fellow classmates is an entertaining alternative. Besides, getting involved is important when it comes to high school. By students putting themselves out there, they leave with fond memories and make the best out of your high school career.

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Tiger Games