Mr. Clete Smith’s New Book

Mr.60% writen by Clete Smith

Jozlenn Evans, Journalist

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Mr.60% is a new new book by Clete Smith, about a high school drug dealer using his profits to care for his ill uncle.


Clete Smith is an English teacher at B-EHS, who is also an author in his free time. PublisheJd in August of 2017 by Crown, this is Smith’s first book meant to branch out to teens. It is inspired by true life events and past students.


“So I sort of wanted to tell the story of kids who didn’t normally have their stories told,¨  said Smith. Real life events of being a primary caretaker for an ill-fated family member was also a factor of inspiration. Self research with past students and imagination were two more factors.

After writing a four-book series Aliens on a Rampage, which  was aimed towards a child demographic, Smith is hoping this book will specifically reach out to a teen boy demographic. “So after those four had been out, I said “Hey these are important. Let’s try it.¨


Taking on two careers involves early hours and time management. “I think it helps that I’m talking about books,” said Smith as he elaborates on the transition from author to teacher. Both careers helped his skills evolve in public speaking.

Besides books, Smith has also explored other writing opportunities. He wrote a screenplay intended for an adult audience. Smith intends to keep the books for kids and young adults, and other types of writing for a more mature audience. He also hopes to get into other genres such as western, thrillers and mysteries.

Future publications including a children’s book with Dave Matthews, will be available between 2019 and 2020. Smith was presented with this opportunity by his editor and was chosen by Matthews as a co-writer, after seeing the similarities in writing.

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Mr. Clete Smith’s New Book