B-EHS says goodbye to the I-Drive and hello to the G-Drive

Google App to be used by all students in the high school

Caleb Carter, Journalist

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As of October 4, the I-drive has been completely removed from all Burlington-Edison school computers. In its place, Google Drive now functions as our primary storage system.


By now, students have been introduced to Google Drive, whether by submitting an assignment to Google Classrooms or having clicked the apps option at the corner of their home page. For most new students, this is the norm as it would seem. But before, the G-Drive existed as different system called the I-Drive.


The private I-Drive and the shared C-Drive of our school contained massive amounts of information and documents for the years it’s been used. The C-Drive was the school’s local data storage, a private network that all B-EHS computers used to be connected to, while the I-Drive was a private student storage system ran by the same system. However these storage devices, simply put, are not worth managing when a design that works even better can be found through the use of Google.


Tracy Dabbs, someone who has used Google Drive since it came out and part of BEHS’ tech department team, explained the reasoning and effects of our school’s data storage change. To start, the biggest factor that encouraged our jump to Google was the costs. Prior to cloud storage, schools would have to buy data storage which was very expensive. On top of that, they would have to backup every file saved on the drive. Meaning double the fees. It was estimated that this year’s costs of data investments would’ve totalled around $300,000. A hefty payment compared to cloud storage, which is a free solution offering unlimited data to public school districts. Although some schools have found a nice balance, Ms Dabbs states, “Some schools even use a dual system of Microsoft and Google.” Inferring that these features are completely customizable to suit any schools’ standards.


Additionally one of its many perks is its ease of access and connection to other working apps such as Microsoft Word and Adobe. This means students can access all files from these different programs without needing separate files. Another important feature is the use of Google docs. This program is very similar to Word, made to make it easy to get to work and giving students instant access and sharing with anyone. That ties in with one of the already developed features at our school that is used by many staff: Google classrooms. A website where teachers can post daily assignments for specific classes and students can submit work anytime before the given deadline.


Burlington is far from the first or last to be a part of this program as neighboring schools have already taken an approach to this topic. Schools such as Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Stevens, Seattle and all of Oregon state has backed their systems to be apart of the cloud.


Some teachers have even taken an approach to Twitter and other forms of social media. Therefore allowing real time conversation, work, and interconnectivity between students and the school.

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B-EHS says goodbye to the I-Drive and hello to the G-Drive