Choir outgrows cafeteria

Limited Space adversely affects performances

Linnea Murdock, Journalist

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A new year brings new growth at Burlington-Edison High School and it has grown significantly since last year. With this new set of student growth comes this problem; the stage does not fit all of the choirs at once.

At the end of the 2016-17 school year, choir teacher Hannah Eger noticed how all of the choirs could barely fit on the stage. With the sudden growth this year,  they most certainly cannot fit. This makes it difficult for Eger to have all of the choirs sing together.


After crunching the numbers, Eger reported that “last year there were about 100 students and this year there are nearly 130, and my guess is that choir will have over 150 next year as I have over 60 middle schoolers.”

In order to help solve this problem  Eger wants to have the choir concerts moved to McIntyre Hall  on Skagit Valley College’s Campus in Mount Vernon. This would lead to more stage space and room for the parents to sit. In the past the concerts have become a standing room only.


Normally there are seats reserved for the choir students to sit after singing so they can watch the other choirs. However, for most of the concerts over the last year, the choir students were not able to watch in order to make room for the parents.

For the move to happen, there has to be action. Not only with Eger, but with the students and parents as well.


The Burlington ASB has already started their part in the action. Bowen King, ‘18, the ASB president reported: “In our meeting today we discussed the possibility of having the choir concerts at McIntyre Hall. Most of us agreed that it could be possible but  parents would have to pay to get in.”


With the ASB starting to get involved, choir could potentially see  better concerts in the near future.