Will Kirkby Field be replaced with turf?

Is there plan to add turf to B-EHS in the future

Connor Nelson, Journalist

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Kirkby Field at Burlington-Edison High School  has arguably the best grass playing field in the state. However, in the long run a turf field costs less than grass per year by over $200,000, according to the studies on “kompareit.com”


Student athletes feel safer on grass but feel their performance is not as good. The idea of turf has been brought up in the BEHS community many times, but should B-EHS make the switch?  


When looking at expenses, according to “kompareit.com” getting a new turf field cost an average of $320,000 where as a grass field cost $150,000. After adding maintenance and materials the yearly cost of a grass field is an average of $570,000 whereas turf is $750,000. The average cost for grass being used per hour is $90.21 and turf at $25.07. The price for a grass field is based really on how much it is used and maintained. Overall a turf field would end up costing more.


Taking  athlete preferences need to be taken into consideration.  Varsity soccer player Clara Mattison, 19’, said “I don’t really have a preference as long as the grass if well maintained.”  “ I like turf better because turf is a lot faster and that’s how i like to play.” said soccer player Grace Amaya, ‘19. Varsity football player Aaron Fisher, ‘19, chose turf aswell because he “feels faster.”


Two of the Athletes felt the same about safety on grass and turf. Clara Mattison said “the grass field must be well maintained for me to feel safer on it” All four athletes said that turf gave them the best performance in their sport.


B-EHS athletic director Mr. Beazizo said he believes that


“Kirkby field has the best high school grass field in the country” and that turf has been brought up many times.


“studies show grass fields lead to less injuries.” said Beazizo


He also said that


“there is no plan to put turf on kirkby field, but if BEHS were to get turf they would add it in the play fields for practice or maybe a turf baseball field to prevent canceled practice because of rain.” Beazizo did indicate that it would be very expensive and it is not likely.


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Will Kirkby Field be replaced with turf?