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Shaylen Anderson, ‘20, Sports Writer

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B-E North, Burlington’s other high school for students who want to go at their own pace, has been an option for 14 years. Right now there are fifty students, all of them running on the same block schedule as the high school.

“At first it was just a school for credit recovery,” Sam Wasson, a B-E North teacher, said. “It was just packets and tests for students with discipline problems. Now, students get to choose if they want to come here for whatever different learning needs they have.”

Some reasons students choose B-E North are because of smaller class sizes, better one on one time with teachers, can make up past failed classes, and  schedules can be much more flexible.

“The staff meets regularly to make sure we are meeting the needs of the students enrolled in our program,” said Linda Larrabee, another teacher at B-E North. “Our mission is to meet all students where they are currently in their educational program and help them to graduate from high school. Become productive members of our community, and prepare for post-high school success”.

We used to teach 25 to 30 kids in a classroom with the majority of them taking the class that was being taught,” Larrabee said. “Some students were working on other classes in all our rooms at the same time. At that time, we had three full time teachers. As needs grew, our program adjusted and grew too”.

A lot of students at B-E North didn’t like the way classes at the high school were being taught, they wanted somewhere where they could work at their own pace. For some students they didn’t want to sit there and listen to teachers talk to the entire class. At B-E North, they found somewhere where they can work on their own, and at a pace that they like.

B-E North students can still participate in after school activities like clubs, sports and JROTC. They must be meeting the same requirements as students at the high school.  

“One big difference is the way students earn credits,” said Larrabee. “Our students need to complete all assignments in the course and they need to receive an 80% on every assignment to pass the course. The reason for this is the grade the student will see on their report card is a “P” for pass. The “Ps” at our school need to stand for 80%. Mr. Lundgren will write letters for students that want to further their education or want a “good student” discount for car insurance. Another difference is that the student goes at their own pace and can complete a course before the rest of the people in that particular class.  Students trying to graduate, work very diligently to complete work at home as well as school.  Every student is different and they also learn differently so what might take one student 4 weeks to finish a class, it might take another student until the end of the semester to finish a class. We try to balance their workload to fit their learning styles; therefore, students can carry from 4 to 6 classes per semester. There are exceptions  and some students will complete more per semester. We try to figure out what works for them.”

A lot of people think of B-E North as the alternative school where the “bad kids go”, when you walk into a B-E North classroom you see the exact opposite. There are students working very hard to graduate. Some students work from home and some do both, they all work hard to make graduating a top priority in their life, getting in the classroom as often as they can.

“B-E North requires tons of self motivation and maturity. Teachers don’t instruct everyday, they have to work independently, and self plan for help. This is not a good place for someone with no self motivation” said Wasson.

“B-E North isn’t easier, we have the same high expectations for our students that the teachers at the high school have for their students. They will all walk and graduate with a B-EHS diploma, it might take time to get used to our system but once someone does, their is no holding them back from graduating” said Larrabee.

For students who are enrolled in the high school and are wanting to switch over to B-E North, they must schedule a meeting with Mr. Campbell. Then they will  figure out what they are wanting to do, then go from there.

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