Inside the B-EHS Photography Classes

Ashtyn Gudgel '18, A&E Editor

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B-EHS has a well-established fine arts program for many years now, with various students taking choir, drama, band, photography, and art. In this new series of articles, The Blue and Gold will explore each of these classes. In our third installment, we will be focusing on the B-EHS photography program.


There are two photography classes offered at B-EHS: Photography I and Photography II. Both are taught by Mr. Andy Porter.

Photography I is an introductory class to photography where students learn how to use a standard digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR camera), which allows the user to change the lenses. Students learn how to shoot in manual mode and get an introductory course in photoshop and simple photo editing techniques.

In Photography II, students learn more advanced photography methods, and focuses on portrait and night-sky photographs. This class also shows how to use the HDR function, or high dynamic range.


Mr. Porter said that photos control the world, especially nowadays. In his photography classes, he wants students to create images that make people “drool on the keyboard”.

“Photo classes are fun and fast-paced, and allows students to work both independently and with other people,” he said.

Photo student Jasmine Evans, ‘20, said “I do photography to embrace my creativity and show the way I see the world through a digital, modern way.”

Photo student Jadyn Wolf, ‘19, said that “people should do this class has a way to express what they enjoy.”

Micah Young, ‘17, takes photo because it’s enjoyable and relaxing.

“Other people should do photography because it is an extremely enjoyable activity and way to get away from all the stress people go through in their daily life.”


Next year, Mr. Porter is planning on creating a photography club, where students can share their photos with a group of students that enjoy doing the same.

To view photos taken by Mr. Porter’s photography students, attend Artapalooza this year, May 4 and 5.

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Inside the B-EHS Photography Classes