C-Team Basketball, Improve your skills and have fun!

Shaylen Anderson, Sports Reporter/Writer

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On November 14 and 15th, tryouts were held at B-EHS for the next Varsity, Junior Varsity, and C-team basketball for both boys and girls. For the boys, C-team is all freshman; only one freshman got moved up. For the girls, C-team is again all freshman, Katie King was moved up. Wyatt Walker was the only freshman for the boys to get moved up as well.

The girls C-team has twelve players, one of which is Katelyn Duvall. Having played basketball since fifth grade, Duvall was excited for tryouts.

“ I think tryouts went pretty good,” she said. “Everyone looked good skill wise,and everyone got along.”

When Duvall went into tryouts her heart was set on making C-team.

“I wanted to make C-team because I wanted to able to get better. So like starting at a lower level will help me increase my skills. I’m happy about how they went because I’m on the team and I’ve already learned a lot of stuff that has already made be a better player.”

“ If I could go back and redo it I probably would have focused more on shooting and dribbling like ball control.”

Having a long season ahead of her, she has a lot of goals.

“My season goals are to become a better basketball player and learn as much as possible. Also to get to know my teammates better so we can become a better team than we already are,” she said.“I want to end the season with quite a few wins and hopefully as a better basketball player.”

Michele Wesen“I am hoping that we win some games and that we improve on our fundamentals and have a great positive impact.” “ [Tryouts]Went really well,” Wesen said. “There were a lot of girls that showed up and they worked really hard and gave it their best.”

In the future, Wesen sees her girls making JV or Varsity, saying.

“That is always that hope of the c-team so that they can grow and develop as players so that they can move up in the ranks of the basketball levels.”

The boys C-team, with a total of twelve players, had good tryouts. Andy Hanson, the C-team coach looking for a certain types of players.

“Some skill, some character I was looking for perfect Tigers,” he said.

This season, Hanson wants his team to become more discipled.The difference he wants to see from tryouts and the end of the season is improvement as a team.  In the future he sees his players making JV or Varsity, saying “They will all have the ability to play next year.”

For next years Freshman who are looking to try out, his advice is “ Continue to work on your skills, play as a team first.”

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C-Team Basketball, Improve your skills and have fun!