Mr. Beazizo, Past, Present, and Future

Shaylen Anderson, Sports Reporter/Writer

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Mr.Beazizo, the former athletics director and principal  of Concrete High School, jumped at the opportunity to become B-EHS’s new athletics director.

“Get to work at 6:30, schedule events, workers, transportation, adjustments, oversee coaches,” Beazizo said in describing his typical day. “Depending on the day, sometimes supervising in the evening. A day could be from 12-13 or 8 hours, a regular day.  Occasionally on the weekends”.

While doing all of this, Beazizo is also the North-West Conference Athletics President.

What got him into this job was how involved in sports he was in high school. Being a three sport athlete, he wanted to give back to the students, and see how happy sports made them. Like they once did for him.

“[I enjoy] seeing young men and women excel in not only athletics, but as people too,” beazizo said. “Coaches do a great job of having the athletes work together as Tigers”.

His least favorite part of his job is the amount of time he has to put into it, and being away from his family.

When Beazizo was working as an athletics director and principal at Concrete High School, he saw that B-EHS had an opening for athletics director. “Prior to being principal for nine-year in Concrete, I just always wanted to be just an athletics director” he said.

As he sees it the difference between B-EHS’s athletic program and all of the others is the way kids compete.

“They want to work hard to represent their school and they do that with good values. The coaches do a good job of working on the main four covenants.”

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Mr. Beazizo, Past, Present, and Future