Inside the B-EHS Choir

Ashtyn Gudgel '18, A&E Editor

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B-EHS has a well-established fine arts program for many years now, with various students taking choir, drama, band, photography, and art. In this new series of articles, The Blue and Gold will explore each of these classes. In our second installment, we will be focusing on the B-EHS choirs.


The choir classes are taught by Ms. Hannah Eger, and she also offers various music classes that don’t involve singing.

The choir classes include Campus Choir, Chorale, Advanced Women’s Ensemble, and Hi-Lighters.

Campus Choir is the beginning choir, that focuses on the fundamentals of singing. Anyone that is interested in choir but has never sung before will take this class to really discover their voices. Next year, this class will be split into a Men’s Campus Choir and Women’s Campus Choir, so students with still-developing voices can learn to sing with their own vocal range.

Chorale is the mid-level mixed choir, which performs bigger musical pieces meant for a larger group of singers. This class explores what it means to be a mixed choir, and students learn about tonality, harmony, and how to use their voices in appropriate manners.

Advanced Women’s Ensemble is the top group of female singers. This class explores women’s voices and what it means to be a women’s choir. The choir teaches the students how to create meaning and use expression through their voices. This class is highly independent, and students must be depended on to work on the music on their own time outside of class.

Hi-Lighters is at the moment the top mixed choir, that will one day turn into a choir that will hopefully sing more jazz pieces as the B-EHS vocal music program grows. The choir is strictly sixteen members, with eight women and eight men (though Ms. Eger wants to expand it to a twenty member choir as she grows the choir program). The class performs difficult pieces meant for small choirs, and is, like Advanced Women’s Ensemble, a class where students must work on their music outside of class.

There are also classes offered that don’t necessarily involve singing, but the study of music. AP Music Theory is an in-depth college level class about characteristics of music based in the western countries of the world.

Music Traditions and World Music are beginning-level courses that explore how to read music, as well as the history of music around the world beginning at year zero.


“Singing is an innate human function,” said Ms. Eger. “If I can provide a place for kids to come and sing and experience beauty and creation, I have fulfilled my purpose.”

Chloe Delestrez, ‘18, currently in Campus choir, said that people should take choir because it allows you to discover yourself.

“You get to express a side of yourself that is normally hidden during common core classes. The environment is super accepting, and you don’t need to be a skilled singer to join.”

Claire Pickering and Mia Omdal, ‘19, currently in Chorale and Advanced Women’s Ensemble, say that c in choir it is a fun way to better your singing and social skills.

Ezra Fowler, ‘19, currently in AP Music Theory and Chorale, said “Everyone should do choir because of how fun it is, and if you love to sing it’s a welcoming environment.”


The best way to watch the B-EHS choirs in action is their three choir concerts scattered about the year. The next two choir concerts will take place on March 15th, and May 22nd. You can also see the choirs singing at Baccalaureate, graduation, and some of the school’s assemblies throughout the year.

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Inside the B-EHS Choir