Inside the BEHS Art Program

Ashtyn Gudgel '18, A&E Editor

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B-EHS has a well-established fine arts program, with various students taking choir, drama, band, photography, and art. In this new series of articles, The Blue & Gold Times will explore each of these classes. In the first installment, we will be focusing on the B-EHS art program.


There are multiple classes offered in the art program, divided into two sections, 2-D and 3-D art.

The 2-D art classes are taught be Ms. Wittman, and have more focus on art made on paper, while the 3-D art classes are taught by Mr. Williams and has a focus on sculpture.

The 2-D art classes include Art 1, 2, and 3, as well as AP Studio Art. The 3-D art classes include Ceramics 1 and 2.


You may be asking yourself, why should I even take art? According to a few students and teachers, it is absolutely worth taking.

According to 2-D art teacher Ms. Wittman, taking art is something that is helpful with certain life skills. “Everyone should at least take Art 1. Art actually helps with problem solving!”

Our 3-D art teacher Mr. Williams adds that “Art gives you the opportunity to find a different side of yourself. Everyone should try their hand at everything, so if art is new to you, you should definitely give it a try.

Kenna MacKay, ‘18, who is currently taking AP Studio Art loves art because “it’s a place where you can express yourself however you want. You don’t have to be artistic to be an artist.”

Aubrey Dignum, ‘17, our current art club president also taking AP Studio Art as well as Ceramics 1 and 2, says that “Art is expression and everyone has something to express. I think kids need art whether they know it or not.”


Art’s biggest event of the year is Artapalooza, the school-wide art show that showcases not just art by art students, but other students that just want their art or photography to be seen. This year, Artapalooza will by May 4 and 5.

Throughout the year, art club meets in Ms. Wittman’s room and works on various art projects. You don’t have to be a part of any art classes to do so. If you simply have an interest, you can visit Ms. Wittman’s room every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month after school.


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Inside the BEHS Art Program