Cheaper by the Dozen Look Back

Ashtyn Gudgel '18, A&E Editor

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After eight performances and two weekends of shows, this year’s fall play Cheaper by the Dozen, has come to a close.

The cast of 21, consisting of three freshmen, six sophomores, four juniors, and eight seniors, looks back on favorite memories from the time rehearsals began in September, to the show’s close in December.

Adrien Gonzalez, Senior

Radio Singer

“A specific memory I have is when Amy Palmer and I went out to sing for curtain call during our second Thursday show. The system broke and we were waiting for the music to start, when we here Leslie Simpson (the stage manager) say ‘Psst, come back, it’s not working.’ And Amy and I just awkwardly walked away.”

Amy Palmer, Junior

Radio Singer

“One memory I have is when Callan Nus (the sound operator) ordered pizza in the middle of the show and we just ate pizza behind the sound wall while the show was going on. Another I have is when the cast got really obsessed with the musical In the Heights. One of the characters is the ‘piragua guy’, and for some reason the cast thought it was really funny and during one of our show run-throughs decided to replace every other word with piragua.”

Jordyn Boisvert, Sophomore


Cheaper by the Dozen was a wonderful experience! The best part for me was definitely the warm-ups. The whole cast is so excited and pumped up with energy to make the show great!”

Emily Powers, Freshman

Roller Skater

“Well, I will always remember the warm-ups before the shows because they are super fun and we always have a lot of energy. My favorite is yelling ‘the audience is stupid’ right before we go onstage! I will also remember when you guys all broke character on closing night, because even though I wasn’t onstage, we were all still losing it backstage!”

Kolton Watkins, Sophomore

Rufus the Dog

“My favorite memory from the play is tripping Dmitri Wagoner backstage and he fell and got up all in one second.”

Andrew Martinez, Junior


“I have a lot of good memories, but the ones that will last forever is hanging out backstage and making jokes, laughing, and sharing stories with the best people on earth! I loved getting to know new people that open new chapters in my life and making new friendships that will last forever! I love this cast so much, they are my family!”

Carlos Roques, Freshman

Miss Brill

“One of my fondest memories from Cheaper by the Dozen would have to be the final performance, after my final scene where I tried to kiss Ammon Palmer. I remember walking backstage where I found everyone laughing insanely, and then I looked onstage to see the entire cast breaking out into laughter. In the background I could also hear Kenzie Livingston (our co-director) cackling maniacally. I collapsed onto the floor and burst into tears of laughter!¨

Audrey Rawls, Sophomore

Joe Scales

“One performance, we got to the scene before I came on and Jordyn Boisvert and I were sitting backstage. Emily Powers was on the other side helping with entrances. A bit into the scene, Jordyn and I began to worry because Emily wasn’t over yet, and she came on with us. A couple lines later we can see her on the other side of the stage, skates on, ready to go. She begins to slide over, but you can hear the noise of the wheels whirring, which happened to be very loud. Even in the darkness, you could see her visibly cringe with each step. Eventually she got over and we all tensely smiled at each other, hoping nobody had heard her skates.”

Cordell Bruns, Senior

Doctor Burton

“I have a few memories. The first is when Ireland Kilmer and I would sit and talk in the prop room during every show. Another is when Ashtyn Gudgel and I would run up to each other and say our catchphrase that we’ve had since my Sophomore year to each other, ‘I greatly appreciate you!’ I also love the improv that we did in between shows on our last Saturday, and simply gathering as a group before shows!”

Ireland Kilmer, Senior

Mrs. Fitzgerald

“One of my memories was missing my cue to come onstage. I was crying, and some of the cast came and hugged me and tried to cheer me up.”

Lily Edwards, Freshman

Jackie Gilbreth

“My favorite memory is the combination of all the time we spent between scenes. Whether it was the 30 minutes before practice, backstage during a performance, nights I stayed a little late just to spend more time with the cast, there was always fun to be had and memories to be made. Backstage you will often hear Ezra Fowler and his guitar, Andrew Martinez and the piano, Claire Pickering and Kolton Watkins´ amazing laughs, and all the whispers from the cast trying to be quiet while we can’t help talking to each other. The sounds are my favorite part of walking into a room we were rehearsing or performing in because they are just so familiar and they just lift my spirits so easily.”

Alexis Kruger, Junior

Lillian Gilbreth

“My favorite memory was when Ezra Fowler ran down the stairs with the umbrella in the last show and Dmitri Wagoner chased him into the kitchen shouting ‘I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!’ before face planting backstage.”

Claire Pickering, Sophomore

Francine Gilbreth

“My favorite memory from this production is all of the friendships I’ve made with these wonderful people. I’ve never met such a genuine, kind, and down to earth group.”

Tyler Fransson, Sophomore

Dan Gilbreth

“My favorite part was how friendly and loving the cast was. It really felt like we were a real family, whether we were dabbing backstage or running our scenes onstage. It was a wonderful experience and everybody did a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome. This was and most likely will be my best high school experience ever!”

Ezra Fowler, Sophomore

Bill Gilbreth

“I loved becoming super close with the cast, and making up inside jokes with Tyler Fransson, Carlos Roques, and Dmitri Wagoner. Even though the cast would be the only ones who would understand the inside jokes, the laughter becomes so contagious that everyone laughs, cast member or not!”

Sam Helgeson, Senior

Martha Gilbreth

“I loved the whole entire cast. I’ve never been a part of such a welcoming and loving cast. I met so many new people and became close with them. Despite my worries about how interesting this play was going to be, I had so much fun! Two of the greatest memories that I have with these people are the cast parties at my house. They were SO fun. Also, my favorite part of the play was when Carlos Roques almost kissed Ammon Palmer, and everyone, even the actors, laughed harder than they probably ever had.”

Dmitri Wagoner, Senior

Frank Gilbreth

“The theater program changed my life and showed me the truth and passion and love in people. During the process of performing in Cheaper by the Dozen, I learned so much about myself, our high school, and the living themes of love and family that will exist forever. I have been amazed and shocked by the passion, love, and talent in the students at B-EHS.”

Sierra Jones, Senior

Ernestine Gilbreth

“One time we tried to run through the show but nothing was working because everyone was just running around screaming and dabbing. It was the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever been a part of but I’ve never laughed so hard.”

Gwenna Gram, Senior

Anne Gilbreth

“I loved our pre-show rituals, and my favorite was getting a Twix bar with Ashtyn Gudgel before every single show!”

Ashtyn Gudgel, Junior

Mrs. Lillian Moller Gilbreth

“I loved being a part of this show, and I think my favorite part was every time I slightly broke character onstage (which was a lot). I was lucky to share many scenes with Carlos Roques (who was hilarious as Miss Brill) and Ammon Palmer (who played my husband) and both of them would do little things to make me laugh… whether it be a tiny facial expression or a massive line delivery!”

Ammon Palmer, Senior

Mr. Frank Bunker Gilbreth

“It was the last show and in the beginning Sam Helgeson quickly turned around and said ‘and if you don’t believe us…’ and as soon as she started talking she had tripped over the rug and we both looked at each other trying not to laugh. Then, there was a time when a certain someone took off her earrings and ran out the door… (you would only understand if you went closing night)”

Coming next for the B-EHS drama program is the spring musical, which has been announced as “In the Heights”! The show takes place in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in New York City, over the course of Fourth of July weekend. The score is written by popular musical theatre composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who fuses a mix of musical theatre standards, latin music, and hip-hop.
Click here for a gallery of photos from Cheaper by the Dozen.


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