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High school students, staff, grades and sports


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What effect do sports have on grades? Does playing on a team take a student’s mind off of getting good grades?

Chloe Myers, a freshman on the B-EHS swim team has used balancing sports and grades to her advantage. Knowing that if her grades dropped, she would be sitting on the bench, come the next meet.

“Playing sports have made my grades better, there is more motivation to get the work done,” she said.

There are a lot of things that go with being a student athlete. B-EHS athletic director Don Beazizo watches over students and their sports and grades.

He said that staying organized, making sure your in school and turning everything in, is one of the major problems for the athletes having a hard time with the balance.

In middle school, playing school sports and keeping up grades starts to get important. In order to be on the team, a student athlete has to be passing all classes. For Chloe, the two lives didn’t interfere with each other, they made her work harder.

Just like middle school, Chloe has to keep up her grades in order to play. Realizing that playing a high school sport comes with more pressure to excel in the game and the classroom, Chloe has tried to find the right balance with two hours of practice almost everyday and homework. Using the extra time between when school gets out and before practice, she manages to get all of her homework done. Although it’s hard for her to keep up with some classes when she has to leave early for swim meets.

But for now, she has managed to keep a steady GPA throughout these first couple of weeks of school.

However, for Bryce Boguardus, a junior also at B-EHS, struggled with balancing sports in middle school. Not having enough time for homework and sports made his grades drop, but he still worked hard to keep them high enough to play.

When high school came around, Bryce decided to take the academic route, rather than trying to balance the two. A month into his junior year, he has some regret about not trying out for the sports he loved. Missing the fun and excitement of the game, wishing he could go back and tell his freshman self to play baseball and basketball. Having already played basketball for six years and baseball for nine. Although sports are out of the picture for Bryce, he has gotten into activities like trapshooting. Giving him the type of balance sports would have gave him.

Beazizo also said that “ There is a higher grade point average for students that participate in a club, sport or activity.”

“ Get involved, find something you like sports or not,” Mr. Beazizo said. “Get involved with activities on campus, not just one. It also looks better on a resume. The more you can do, the more you can challenge yourself.”

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High school students, staff, grades and sports