Winter Superfan Winners

Time to Crown SuperFan Royalty


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This winter is officially in the books, and it is time to recognize those B-E students and staff that checked into the most events on the SuperFan app.

The person with the most points was Mr. Campbell with 215, beating out Kannon Jacobson, ‘21 and Kennedy Anderson, ‘20 with 206 and 195 points, respectively. Maegan Ashby, ‘19 and Mr. Gudgel with 125, also finished in the top five.

Bailey Jaderlund was the top freshman, followed by Mila Hoagland and Sophia MacKenzie. The freshmen were the only grade that did not have someone in the top five for the whole school. However, all three placed in the top ten, the only grade to do such.

Mila Hoagland said, “I like to go to games not only to support the players and my friends, but also have fun in the stands”

For the sophomores, Kannon Jacobson got first. He got second in the school and was the top student, and the only student with over 200 points. Behind him was Katie Sanders with 94 points, and Katirie Booth got third with 85.

Kannon Jacobson said, “I like going out and watching sports. I am at all the games so I might as well check in”

Kennedy Anderson got first for the juniors and third in the school, almost getting to the 200-point mark, finishing with 197. Alyssa Peck got exactly 100 points, which got her the second spot. Jack Wilson got third with 58.

The top senior was Maegan Ashby, whose 175 points was good enough for fourth in the school and the third-best student total. Audrey and Amber Knutzen got second and third for the seniors, with 75 and 65 points, respectively.

Maegan Ashby said,  “I love to go to games and events, and I love winning. Thanks to B-E Superfans, I can do both at once.”

Mr. Campbell had the highest total for the staff and the whole school. Mr. Gudgel got fifth in the school, which means that the staff had two members in the top five, something that no grade was able to do. Ms. Tingley got third for the staff with 60.

The average scores for the top three SuperFans ranked as follows:


  1. Staff (133)
  2. Sophomores (128)
  3. Juniors (118)
  4. Freshmen (107)
  5. Seniors (105)