New Weight Room

How it will Benefit BEHS


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A new weight room benefits many people. The original weight room at Burlington Edison High School was built around 50 years ago when the gym was built.

The portable where the weight room is right now while the new one is being built is only 10 years old but it would still be great to get a renovated and up to date weight room.

“I will be able to watch and supervise everyone easier because the room will be an open area,” Mrs. Brewer said. “We are hoping to get new equipment so everyone gets a better workout in and it would be much safer.”

Currently fundraisers are in progress to get new equipment for the updated weight room.

Mr. Lehman explained the fundraiser.  

“The football team has hosted a golf tournament fundraiser for the past seven years known at the Tiger Football Kickoff Classic held at Skagit Golf and Country Club. This year, we will be joining forces with the rest of the athletic programs at BEHS in a team effort. The Tiger Classic will be held at SKGG on Friday, July 5th. All proceeds generated for the tournament will be donated to the BEHS Weight Room Upgrade Project.”

Every student-athlete at BEHS will benefit from getting the new weight room. Many programs are asked to help in anyway they can. All the other schools have great, up to date weight rooms which made a goal

The room will be located where the old girls varsity locker room was, over by the mat room and concessions.

A yoga studio will be replacing the portable where the weight room is now. There will be mirrors which can be helpful to anyone, especially the cheer or dance team practices.

Classes that will be using the new weight room are athletic conditioning and strength training, also sports teams will also be able to get in their workout.