Green Club


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Green Club is the newest addition to the clubs at Burlington-Edison High School.  Mitchell Wolfe (President), Adam Greenberg (Vice President, Lauren Mowat (Secretary/Social Media Manager), And Jenny Ramirez (treasure) began creating Green Club back in october, pitching the idea to Mr. Joe Ackerson to be the advisor.

Mitchell Wolfe said, “I found myself talking about environmental issues with my friends and wanted to bring attention to it at BEHS.”

Green club meets every other Wednesday at Tiger Time in Mr. Ackerson’s room(601). On the Wednesdays Green club does not meet, members gather at Ackerson’s room and then go from class to class emptying out the recycling bins.

Green clubs most recent project is participating in the “color cycle.” The “color cycle” is a program created by Crayola where you can mail your used markers back to them and they will recycle the markers into reusable energy.

Mr. Ackerson loves being outdoors and enjoys doing activities such as mountain baking, hiking, snowshoeing, and XC/Backcountry skiing. Mr. Ackerson believes that our community should take responsibility for the impact on our environment.

Mr. Ackerson said, “When I was approached by students early this year to advise Green Club, It was exciting because it was a student initiative, not an idea I was trying to sell.“

Mr. Ackerson teaches AP government, contemporary world problems, and world history. Therefore he has his opinions on how the government is dealing with the environment.

Mr. Ackerson said, “We are doing a lot of things right and have some of the best protections in the world.”

He also said, My major concern at the moment is the rolling back of environmental protections, including fuel standards, along with the opening of previously protected public lands for commercial purposes”

For those interested, email any of the club officers for more information or stop by Mr. Ackerson’s room (601) on Wednesdays after school.