New Cheer and Dance Team Prepare for Upcoming Seasons

New Cheer/Dance Coaches

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New Cheer and Dance Team Prepare for Upcoming Seasons


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B-EHS added new coaches this season. The coaches have been planning on doing a few things differently this year such as cheer going competitive and dance being involved with more.

Tiffany Rainaud took the job as the new cheer coach and Noelle Jacobson is her assistant. The two of them hold practices after school starting at 2:45 and going to 5:00 pm three or four times a week.

“Cheer practices have been in the PAC, Gym, football field/track, and mat room. Weather effects cheer majorly, due to WIAA rules, such as no stunting when it is wet,” Rainaud said.

The new dance team coach is Kendra Stevenson who has been getting up at 5:00 in the morning to come to the high school and coach at 5:50 am. Also on every Wednesday she coaches the team 6-8 pm.

Kindra Stevenson has been involved with dance when she was on the team and her daughter was on the team. She also has three kids that have been involved around the district. When she was browsing the school’s site and noticed the dance team was hiring a coach and decided to go for the job.  

“I’d like to be a part of that and bring back the dance team spirit environment,” Stevenson said.

The dance team will be participating in competitions this upcoming winter season, more specifically on January 19, 26, and February 9. They have also been participating in pep assemblies, home football games, and soon to be home varsity basketball games. The team will be accomplishing these by having dedication, hard work, and support from booster club and alumni.


The main captain of the dance team is Zoie Grenier, ‘22, and the two co-captains are Zella Knutzen, ‘22 and Ashtyn Higgins, ‘22 .

“I allowed the girls to vote by nominating three people and telling why they thought they would be great in that position,” Stevenson said.

Rainaud is the head cheer coach, but she is also the school registrar.

“I have three kids around the district, two going to B-EHS, one a freshman the other a senior and the two of them are on the Varsity volleyball team. I also have a son in 8th grade at Bayview elementary,” Rainaud said.

The main captain for both fall and winter cheer teams is Zoe Field. Co-captain for fall season is Lauren Mowat.

The three co-captains for winter are Maegan Ashby, ‘19; Serafina Lemos, ‘19; and Anneka Herlickson, ‘19 .

“The girls voted and they had to write an essay on why they wanted to be captain. These girls all met Jacobson’s and my criteria” Rainaud said.

Jacobson has been involved with unified sports here and being the life skills instructional assistant.

“I take great pride in starting the Unified sports program here at B-EHS” Jacobson said.

She said her favorite part about coaching the team is, “Getting to know the girls and watching them progress.  Also, seeing how they interact with each other. It’s definitely a sisterhood”

The cheer practices consists of practicing cheers, jumps, dances, and stunts.

The girls work hard and are all very athletic,” Jacobson said.  

Some unique things happening this year involving the cheer team is participating in competitive cheer. The coaches decided to take freshmen for the first time and added in Kayla Bryant, ‘19, and Gabi Stansberry, ‘21, from the special education program. Another thing is the team is out supporting all the sports in each season!

“Seeing the girls work hard and see their improvements is my favorite thing about coaching. With using my skill from being on a cheer team my high school years, I thought I could help improve the team, and I just wanted them to be more involved,” Rainaud said.