Cool? Or Just a Bad Habit

The Laws Surrounding Vaping and the Misunderstanding About it.


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In Burlington-Edison High School, students and teachers understand they are not permitted to vape on school grounds, but what most do not know is that vaping within 500 feet of school grounds (or any child care facilities) is illegal. There are many misunderstandings surrounding vaping about what people can and cannot do.

The most looked up question on Google is related to what the legal age is to vape. The legal age is 18. Minors who are caught with vape products, such as pens, juices, or any electronic device that heats the vaper, are committing a class three civil infraction and will have to pay a fine and serve a number of hours of community service.

Because of vape using fruity flavors, and having nicotineless vape juices, some minors are under the impression that vaping is legal or safe for them to use.

An 18-year-old anonymous student source said, “I didn’t really know (what is in vape), I was told that is was just vapor and you’re breathing it in.”

While vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, the human body’s lunges ia not made to have smoke or vapor enter it, therefore an effect is still made on the respiratory health health. According to Dr. David Thickett a professor in respiratory medicine at the University of Birmingham, vapors can still harm lung tissue much like cigarettes, and lead to inflammation and decrease cell production in the lunges.

When asked about why they started, they said, “My brother started, we were close, so I started too.”  Then later on a related question about whether they vaped for aesthetics reasons or as something they enjoy, they said, “I just wanted to know how to do vape tricks, it is kinda aesthetics, there is no real reason to smoke.”

When asked how often they vape they said, “Not every day, four to five times a week with friends.” They later explained the different health issues they had after starting. They said there was no extreme issues but when going from vape juices that where 0 Nic, to 6 Nic, “You’ll cough and feel it burn your throat…when I first started it was hard on my lungs.” Later on the interview they mention reasons why they tried to quit. “One time I felt light headed because I did it too much.” They called this being “Nic out.”