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Senior Experiences in Choir


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Choir at Burlington-Edison High School has grown in the last four years under the direction of Ms. Hannah Miles. The number of students involved in choir has more than tripled and support for the program continues to grow.

“If you think you’re not good enough to be in choir join anyway, I’ll make you good. The only way to get better is to sing,” said Ms. Miles.

This is the start of Ms. Miles’ fourth year teaching here at B-EHS. Her original plan wasn’t to be a choir teacher but to teach band instead. It wasn’t until the job opened up here and she was convinced by her old choir teacher, Mrs. Pryor, the former choir teacher here at B-EHS to apply for the job. When she started there were only two different semester long choir classes and about 45 people in the choir program as a whole. Now there is close to 160 students in the program and there are five year-long choir classes. Over the years that she has been here she has been advocating for the community’s support and to get students to join and it looks like her work is paying off.

Some of the students who are in the program, talked about their experiences with choir, why you should join, and looked back on past experiences and what it was that brought them into this remarkable group of people.

Brayden Konkle ‘19, started choir in seventh grade and is currently in Hi-lighters. The first high school choir he was in was chorale, at the time it was the only choir that was available for him to join and he worked his way up to Hi-lighters, one of top choirs. Before joining choir he considered himself a good singer so he joined choir because he liked to sing, and he stayed in choir because singing is something he enjoys, and he has had a great experience in the class.  

“You don’t have to be a good singer to join choir, you can join even if you’ve never sang before, you come to learn to sing,” Konkle said.  “Just go talk to Mrs. Miles and shell definitely convince you to join.”

Jordy Boisvert ‘19, joined choir in seventh grade and is now in Hi-lighters and Advanced Women’s Choir. She  joined choir because she thought it would be fun and she liked singing. As a freshman she was in chorale and then moved to Advanced Women’s the next year. She considered herself a good singer before joining choir but thinks that the classes have made her even better.

Joliannys “Nani” Rodriguez ‘19, is in her first year of choir, and is currently in Advanced Women’s. When Nani was in the play, “Bye Bye Birdie” Ms. Miles thought she was exceptionally good and for that reason she asked her to join advanced women’s. Before joining choir she didn’t think she was a great singer because she didn’t have a lot of experience singing.

“Don’t be shy because there are people who will help you out,” Nani said, “they make you feel comfortable and welcome.”