Freshmen Thoughts on High School

Freshmans range of thoughts on their new school.


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High school is much different from middle and elementary school and to Freshmen, it’s a bit wild and crazy.

For some Freshmen at B-EHS like Isaac Forthun, ‘22, high school is “Pretty easy,” and is just apart of life.

But not for all Freshmen. To some, it’s a crazy hurricane of people and homework and classes at the top of three flights of stairs.

“It’s very hard and not fun if you’re not taking fun classes,” said  Esmeralda Luna-Santos, ‘22.

High school is quite the step up from middle and elementary school meaning that it requires more work. There are also more teachers to talk to and plenty of people you don’t know.

“So far has been really good,” said Danavyn Ferrell, ‘22, “Nothing crazy has really happened.” Movies make high school seem crazy and drama filled. Luckily in real life, high school isn’t quite as dramatic.

Estella Malloy, ‘22, said, “I love all my friends and how there’s Tiger Tub and the teachers are nice, but it’s hard to keep up with the work.”

Many kids like the large options of food for purchase like the Arizona Tea at the Tiger Tub. It’s also nice to be able to talk to friends from other schools. Being crammed on one campus means more opportunities for friends.

Now that we’re in high school grades are a much bigger thing that requires more attention. Estella Malloy, ‘22, also said, “It’s easy to slip on grades.” They require more work and attention in high school since they can affect you getting into college.

“I like it because you get to choose your classes and there’s more freedom,” said Bailey Curtis, ‘22. Being in high school does mean more class options and classes with subjects that can become a new hobby like photography, welding or even acting. This also means you can choose classes that relate to what career you would like to pursue after high school.

“It’s okay,” said Savannah Lopez, ‘22. “It’s a bit weird.” To her, the teachers are a lot different than what she’s used too. The layout of the high school and how big it is can be a bit overwhelming too. The intensity of grades and homework is also a bit overwhelming.

Everyone has their unique perspective of high school. Whether you think it’s fun, easy or hard. Whether you’re one of those people who looked forward to it or dreaded it. High school is one experience we can all share.